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My Pro Tips for rappers

Don't wait till you get to the studio to perfect performing your lyrics to the beat, get the mp3 version of track practice it over and over till fluid, record it on your phone or laptop etc.. so you know how the lyrics flow over the beat before you hit the studio. If don't you risk wasting time doing multiple retakes which can be expensive and drive the recording engineer nuts.
For best results take the individual stemmed instruments of the track to the studio to record your vocals over it, the individual track stems allow the mix engineer to adjust all levels and further EQ certain instruments that are competing for EQ space with your vocals. This will give the track balance, vocal clarity and it's own space.

The whole mixed track should have a temporary bus compression and limiter till you are happy with the mix level,this will help get accurate levels. Once happy with the mix the bus compressor and limiter should then be removed and the mix sent as a stereo wav file to a mastering engineer with -6db headroom. The -6db of headroom will allow the mastering engineer to make the track as loud as possible and ensure it plays back perfectly with maximum clarity on ALL systems.  They will put a mastering compressor and limiter on it. Phone and earbuds are currently the most popular playback devices.

Who are you?
Award winning Music producer and champion Turntablist

What style do you write
I specialise in Cinematic sounding Hip Hop Instrumentals and sound design trailers for movies

How long have you been writing music?
Started in the mid 90's using a ESI - 32 Sampler

What gear do you use?

- Cubase pro 10
- Tascam reel 2 reel 1/4 tape Machine
- Icon 6x Midi keyboard
- Tubecore Hardware Master Compressor
- Audioscape SSL - G Bus Hardware Compressor
- DBX 160x Hardware Comrpessor
- Neve 8803 EQ Hardware
- Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface
- Akai S950 sampler
- 2 x Warm Audio Pulteq Style Hardware EQ's,
- Adam Audio Monitors
- Yamaha SPX 90 reverb
- Korg Minilogue synth
- Roland System 7
- SPX 404
- Moog Grandmother synth
- Strymon Bigsky effects unit 
- Lexicon MPX 1 Hardware Reverb, TK Audio Lizer
- Hardware Master EQ
- Console 1 SSL 4000
- 2 x Technics 1210's

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